Where to Eat in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

Routes Recommended Restaurants

Abu Hassan

Renowned hummus joint famous since 1966. Definitely try the Masabacha, the warm, creamy, chunky style of hummus. Make sure to visit the original shop at this location for the freshest hummus and the chance to eat with the locals.


Whether it's 2pm or 2am, Jasmino will always have a line wrapped outside their register. The lamb kebab in a pita is a must-have menu item. Pro-tip: order the kebab with everything on it, and even a little extra amba on top. If you are a vegetarian, this is not the place for you.

Miznon (or HaMiznon)

Famed chef Eyal Shani's more casual take on local street food - everything is served in a pita, including ice cream! The shop has become so iconic for modern Israeli street food that branches have now opened across the globe in Paris, Vienna, Melbourne, and New York.

Sabich Tchernikovsky

Home of our favorite sabich in TLV, an Israeli delicacy invented by the Iraqi Jews for their Shabbat breakfast. Filled with eggplant, egg, salad and tehina, this street food is your perfect on-the-go lunch.

Itzik HaGadol

A classic Israeli grill house where they place 15 salads and dips on the table before you even get a chance to choose your main dish. Meat is the centerpiece of the meal, but vegetarians can easily be satisfied from the abundant salads and pita that are included as a starter.


Vegans beware, this is not your haunt. Carnivores, start licking your lips. M25 is positioned 25 meters from their newcomer butcher shop called Meat Market, nestled amongst the historic market butchers. Selling only local cuts, you will find yourself sitting alongside the city's top chefs coming to get their fix pre or post service. The menu is streamlined and focused on, well, Israel's best meat.

Goshen (Kosher)

Informal kosher eatery with a global menu highlighting meat dishes, fish & burgers.

The Old Man & The Sea

A restaurant in Jaffa portrayals a new Middle East – where Arabs, Jews and tourists from all around the world come together to enjoy fish, seafood, meat, plenty of salads and hot pitas fresh from the tabun. In the background you can hear different languages mingling together and an Arabic birthday song played, as one of the unique traditional customs of the place, while the waiters serve dessert with fireworks for guests celebrating.

North Abraxas

Chef Eyal Shani's gourmet restaurant takes on modern Israeli fare with an eco-friendly vibe, like serving the meals on a piece of paper on the table, no plates! This is our favorite for experiencing the best direction of how Israelis are using local ingredients yet keeping the style rustic.

Manta Ray

Middle Eastern seafood dishes are matched by an extensive drink menu at this oceanfront eatery.

Port Sa’id

Popular hipster hangout with Mediterranean food.


From the same brother team (Asaf and Yotam Doktor), Ha'Achim and Dok have taken the reigns towards serving up the best of what's local. Call it "farm to table" if you must, Dok is serving only what you find in Israel- the freshest fish, best olive oils, seasonal produce, boutique wines. Recent dishes include pickled mackerel salad, roasted kohlrabi and fresh chickpea and preserved lemon salad. Ha'Achim serves up some of our favorite dishes in the city. Ha'Achim has more vibe and the dishes are more diverse, in case that is what you are after.


A market restaurant in its pure sense, inspired by the fresh, seasonal ingredients from the adjacent Carmel Market. The atmosphere is casual and prices are quite high for the look of the place.

Milgo & Milbar

A lively spot offering Mediterranean seafood fare that highlights fresh ingredients, well plated dishes, and surprising flavor combinations.

Santa Katarina

Dynamic Israeli fusion, mostly coming out of their taboon oven. Chef is globally trained, and focusing on his Syrian and Egyptian roots, which plays into the spices and flavors of the creative dishes. We recommend ordering and sharing all of the starters!


A vibrant Tel Aviv atmosphere combines with the magic and mystery of the Jaffa flea market to make a delicious restaurant “cocktail”. A sophisticated and innovative bar is blended with a meticulous menu created by our chefs that gives Local cuisine a contemporary twist. Soft contemporary music accompanies you throughout your meal, linking the ambiance with perfect Tel Aviv-Jaffa entertainment. From the first bite to the last drop, you’ll understand why Onza’s motto is “Food & Vibe”.

Lechem Basar (Kosher)

With their limited menu, fresh ingredients and fine flavors, they offer an inviting urban atmosphere with touches of the sea. The breads are baked in an oven located in a central location and allow fresh baking on site and smoking meats to create a unique culinary experience.

Maganda (Kosher)

An authentic Yeminite restaurant serving food since 1965!

Samarkand (Kosher)

An authentic Israeli barbeque with skewers, served with lots of salads. Great for a small family or a large group.


Naifa Mola's new restaurant brings the northern Druze settlement to Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv.

Malka by Eyal Shani (Kosher)

Located near the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Malka has all the deliciousness of his other restaurants. Be sure to check out their schnitzel and a great selection of fish dishes.


Following the trend of having a set menu, the Burek, by Barak Yehezkeli encompasses good food, music, and overall vibes. With a menu that changes each week, and without any say in your order, it really is quite an experience. That being said, this can be compared to a dinner show, where it’s expected to stay seated for the entire “performance” brought to you by the chefs and in house DJ. Reservations are the only way you’ll get in - and make sure to book well in advance, as the restaurant is only open two days a week.


The bar with the best food or the restaurant with the hottest bar, since Shila was established ten years ago it became a Gastronomic home for people that like to eat and have fun. Sharon Cohen, the chef, manages his kitchen with laughter and humor behind the flame, seasoned with grace and serves with love.


The "It" restaurant at the moment with hard to get reservations. Dishes are carefully plated, and although fine dining, the Moroccan influence from the young chef keeps the flavors down to earth. Definitely order the 18 spices taboon frenna for a great photo op.


Tel Aviv's first set-menu only restaurant. Two seatings each night for 19 people around a bar facing Raz Rahav's extraordinarily detailed 9-course molecular-gastronomy-influenced meal. Reservations are a must and dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice.

West Side (Kosher)

Prestigious haute cuisine restaurant, offering you a quality wide-ranging seasonal menu under the stewardship Chef Omri Cohen. The restaurant is open to the sea, and has a wide balcony overlooking the stunning sunsets of Tel Aviv, and is designed as stated in the spirit of New York restaurants – large, spacious, comfortable and contemporary.


Located in historic Neve Tzedek, Popina's young chef offers innovative dishes like shrimp burgers, beet and kohlrabi "pasta" and foie gras homemade ravioli. Opt for the tasting menu to savor a little of everything.


A superb dining experience with a warm atmosphere and good music. The “farm-to-table” menu, served from an open kitchen, features local, seasonal products.


Upscale international / Italian menu with a serene atmosphere.

Azura (Kosher)

Located in the Machane Yehuda Market, Azura is famous for its Turkish-inspired delicacies. From hummus, kebabs, and rice to boiled potatoes and red beets, Azura prepares every dish the old-fashioned way. You may find yourself having to wait in line at lunchtime, but that only shows you how popular this stop is.

Ishtabach (Kosher)

A Kurdish restaurant located on a street corner in Yehuda Market, this hidden gem serves a single dish called shamburak. Shamburak is a savory pastry filled with various exotic meats, and it’s served with three salads. Ishtabach has a laid back vibe making it a great place for a quick bite on a date or with a friend.

Crave (Kosher)

Crave rests among the outskirts of the lively Machane Yehuda Market. This is the perfect place to visit for American style street food. Crave specializes in all different types of meats enhanced by vegan cheese, eggs, faux bacon, and more. With its casual and trendy vibe, Crave will leave you fully satisfied as you savor its diverse and unique flavors.

Bardak Pizza and Beer (Kosher)

Gourmet pizza, boutique beers in a relaxed setting.

Ima (Kosher)

Ima is a family-owned restaurant on the outskirts of the Nachlaot neighborhood, bordering the Mahane Yehuda market. A longtime favorite of Jerusalemites, Ima serves Israeli classics with a Kurdish touch, including comforting kube soup and hearty lamb kebabs.

Foccacia Bar

International, diverse menu and lively atmosphere

Harvey’s Smokehouse (Kosher)

American BBQ: Deep-smoked meats, southern style.

Ofaimme Farm Café (Kosher)

Understanding that the taste of our foods does not begin in the Kitchen, but rather in the land in which it grows. This is why we adhere to strict organic standards as well as fair trade practice when we grow our vegetables, fruit and animals in the Negev Desert. Our handmade produce is crafted slowly using traditional techniques to create food that is tasty and healthy, guaranteed to be free of any type of genetic engineering, preservatives, pesticides and hormones.

Tmol Shilshom (Kosher)

Great for a romantic date, a special meal, or simply catching up with friends, Tmol Shilshom provides a cozy atmosphere for any occasion. A cafe filled with wall to wall books of all kinds and known for its outstanding Shakshuka, a dish of eggs poached in a tomato sauce eating is an experience of its own.

Cafe Nadi (Kosher)

If you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood cafe, Cafe Nadi won’t disappoint. Specializing in sandwiches on fresh bread with quality cheeses, Nadi is known for adding interesting vegetables to its Shakshuka. With large portions and affordable prices, this is a great place to spend brunch in Jerusalem.

Piccolino (Kosher)

The menu combines Italian simplicity and uncompromising quality. Chef Moshe Avdiel makes the effort to use fresh ingredients only. The smell of baking and fresh Italian pastries fills the air of the restaurant, as if hinting at the fact that a hundred years earlier the building had served as the “bakery” of Nahalat Shiva.

Cafe Kadosh (Kosher)

Kadosh is more than just your morning coffee cafe. Delicious breakfasts and pastries are followed by savory lunches that range from pastas and fish to salads and quiches. You can’t leave without trying some of their decadent desserts or just purchase a cake to take home!

Cafe Yehoshua

An Israeli take on the American diner. Not open on Saturdays.


Located right by the Mahane Yehuda Market, you can visit Haba to try a pastry from the bakery or come for lunch or dinner to enjoy some excellent kosher Italian food and incredible challah. This two-story cafe offers such a wide variety of dishes, the whole family will find something to enjoy here.


This understated restaurant in the Jerusalem theatre is a more modest relative of the fiery-hot Mahneyehuda, part of the group of restaurants owned by Asaf Granit. Located adjacent to the Jerusalem Theatre, their excellent wine menu makes it a perfect venue for a pre-show bite and drink.


Celebrity chef Asaf Granit’s Machneyehuda is ultra-trendy and features a knockout tasting menu with samples of the restaurant’s best dishes. While the dishes change daily depending on the market’s freshest produce, tables are booked for months in advance, so prepare accordingly!

Eucalyptus (Kosher)

Chef restaurant that specializes in modern interpretations of Biblical cuisine


A brother restaurant of the famous Machneyuda, Yudele provides a more casual setting, while still delivering top-quality food. Bringing in ingredients fresh from the Machane Yehuda market, Yudale’s menu is very similar to the original Machneyuda restaurant. At Yudale, visitors love watching the chefs prepare their dishes right in front of them!


Chef restaurant with international cuisine, in an artistic atmosphere.

Touro (Kosher)

Mediterranean chef restaurant with a spectacular view of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Angelica (Kosher)

Chef restaurant with high-level meat and fish dishes.

Dolphin Yam

The restaurant effortlessly combines Parisian chic with authentic Jerusalem warmth to create a unique ambiance. Offering fresh and select seafood and land dishes at affordable prices, each portion is generous and served with love. The chefs’ extensive knowledge accumulated over the years turns every dish into a celebration of flavors. Taking inspiration from modern cuisine, the restaurant incorporates seasonal ingredients to create an extraordinary culinary harmony that tantalizes all the senses. The authentic and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for hospitality.


Menza is a consistently delicious restaurant for those looking for non-kosher dishes (vegan options too) in the holy city or simply a dinner out on a Friday night. Great desserts make this place a winner.


Open since 2000 when Jerusalem had very few non-Kosher options, Jerusalemites have long known Chakra as one of the city’s best restaurants. They serve Italian-inspired, modern dishes like lamb shank radiatori and sea bream with gnocchi. For the best culinary experience, be sure to sit near the bar and watch the chefs work in the open kitchen.


Satya’s kitchen is run by Chef Ilan Grossi, previously head chef at the popular Chakra. Dishes are heavily influenced by Mediterranean ingredients and influences, and Grossi takes pride in local flavors. The large wine list and creative cocktails only add to Satya’s appeal.

Hasadna (The Culinary Workshop)

The varied and creative menu showcases garden-fresh local ingredients with items like sashimi in vanilla oil, homemade sausages, succulent slow cooked short ribs and fresh handmade pastas. Don’t miss the creative tasting menu.

Jacko’s Street (Kosher)

Upscale, fun chef restaurant in the Shuk. It was started by four friends who wanted to provide a complete culinary experience on the purity of upgraded Kurdish cuisine In a Greek / Mediterranean / Daklan atmosphere.


Resting in the city center at the magical Finegold courtyard, Adom is an excellent restaurant and wine bar. Adom’s menu offers a variety of cuisines including meats, seafood, fish, gnocchi, fresh pasta and risotto all with a Mediterranean influence. Beyond the food, Adom has a vast wine menu that is sure to impress.

1868 (Kosher)

Offers a creative menu using best quality seasonal produce from local markets cooked with state of the art methods. The result is a culinary experience of Kosher food, old and new. Haute cuisine in a typical Jerusalem atmosphere.The wines are kept in niches in the walls, produce of selected vineyards of the Judean Hills and the Galilee.


Majda is known as the blue house located at the top of the village of Ein Rafa. Run by a mixed-marriage couple, Majda offers unique cuisine that is a blend of their cultures. They offer dishes such as Arab meat pie, lamb kebabs, and bass filet all with their own cultural twists. They also offer traditional desserts including knafeh and halva ice cream.


The special Tuscany vibe is felt immediately when entering the restaurant. Our rich and versatile menu, designed by Chef Erez Shabo, is based on the Italian cuisine and combined with the Israeli flavors we all know and love. In the menu you will find meat dishes and special steaks, various casseroles, fish and seafood, pastas and a range of salads.

Naya (Kosher)

Asian dining with a large menu. A lovely ambiance with an open kitchen and very friendly staff. Perfect for dinner on your way into Jerusalem.


The place opens at 8am and there is already a line. So come early. Omer the Pastry Chef makes the perfect Croissant and coffee is Israel! Everyone visits Mattarelo in Northern Israel !

Uri Buri

Uri Buri’s name is synonymous with excellent seafood; a destination for anybody looking to indulge in the treasures of the sea. Calling all seafood lovers: while visiting Akko, a trip to Uri Buri is an absolute must. This iconic Akko institution has a minimalist decor and a laser focus on fish and flavor. Uri Buri’s […]

Derech Hagefen (Kosher)

A colorful, blooming garden welcomes the guests, with seats placed among the paths, the herbs and the sounds of the water, all harmonizing with the structure that was designed in a country-style decor with a contemporary touch. Lavish breakfasts are served till noon; the kosher dairy menu has Italian, middle-eastern and Israeli cuisine twists and includes fish, pasta, salads and house specials. At the deli here you can buy olives, homemade cakes, pasta and wine from boutique wineries in the area.

Jezreel Winery & Malka restaurant

Jezreel Valley Winery was established in 2012, with a clear vision — to make truly Israeli wine. The kind that matches the Israeli climate, the Israeli palate, and the Israeli spirit. Our journey towards this unique style led us to incredible Mediterranean varieties, rich soils full of history, and cutting edge winemaking techniques. After a […]

Pelter Winery

Pelter Winery was established in 2001 by Tal and Nir Pelter. Tal studied winemaking and viniculture in Australia and was captivated by the Australian approach to the world of wine. The distillery produces whiskey, brandy and other liquors that add a contemporary, original interpretation to the old traditions of alcohol distillation. The products, made from […]


*They also do private events


Focaccia’ restaurant was founded in 2004. It is an Italian/Mediterranean restaurant with a personal touch.The menu is built on local ingredients and is based on a dynamic seasonal menu. Most of the dishes served in the restaurant and cooked in the Tabun oven per order. The atmosphere of the restaurant is a combination of Europe […]