About us

Based in Jerusalem, we specialize in creating personalized and highly curated Israel programs for all types of groups, from private family programs to iTreks, and from Honeymoon Israel to Bar/Bat Mitzvah and multi generational tours. We also offer highly curated community missions, high-level conferences, Jewish heritage tours in Central Europe, and much more. Let us show you the best of Israel and the region!

About us

Routes Travel was established in 2001 by Edna and Ely Berzan as a boutique Israeli tour operator with the express purpose of delivering high quality Israel travel experiences to organizations, communities and families from around the world.

Based in Jerusalem, we specialize in planning and operating personalized Israel tours, ranging from private family programs, iTreks for Universities, Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours and community missions, to VIP conferences, Jewish heritage tours in Central Europe and Birthright Israel trips in the US and France. Our highly experienced team has provided outstanding Israel Experience services for over a hundred thousand individuals from across North America and around the world.

Who we are

Our friendly and highly professional team will work closely with you to custom design an outstanding trip to Israel, based on your preferences and needs. Our innovative approach and extensive resources will ensure that your trip is the best possible experience. We are constantly looking for new restaurants, activities and experiences to guarantee that you are receiving the best that Israel has to offer. With half of our staff hailing from Canada and the US, we pride ourselves on being an Israeli company that provides the kind of service that you would expect from a company in North America.

What we offer

Routes Travel offers you incomparable value, bringing personalized service at competitive cost to the doorstep of anyone interested in experiencing Israel. Rest assured that when you choose Routes, you choose a well-planned, high quality and stress free travel experience. Come meet the Routes Travel team!

What we offer


We are an Israeli travel company that provides the kind of service you would expect from a company in North America. The Routes Travel team is supremely client centered, with an overriding motivation to please.


Whether you want to meet with Israeli artists, experience life on a kibbutz, or take a desert tour by camel, we will spare no effort to create the perfect experience, including all your wishes. For us, each new client represents a welcome invitation to add special touches, making a great program that is unique and truly extraordinary. Take a look at just a few of the unique Israel tour components Routes is pleased to offer.


We’ll work closely with you and, where applicable, with your community’s representatives in Israel to define your group’s educational and program goals. We will translate your priorities into exciting activities throughout your Israel trip.


Gain extraordinary historical insight from Israel tour educators who are specially matched to click with your specific type of community group – whether it’s made up of families, singles, seniors or anyone else. We are also able to give you access to today’s leading and expert speakers on Jewish and Israel-related topics. For more information on our highly qualified Israel tour educators and speakers, get in touch with a member of the Routes family!


Our expertise is based on our history of providing quality Israel Tours. At Routes Travel we specialize in striking the ideal mix of experiential moments that suit your goal – combining Israel’s must-see sites, innovative informal educational programs, outdoor activities, cultural events, strategic sites, partnership communities, and more. We design Israel trips to combine a great balance between the historical and modern, site-seeing and relaxing, education and entertainment. Our holistic touring approach will ensure that all ages of your group benefit from their Israel travel experience to it’s fullest. See our approach to customizing Israel trips here.


Routes Travel owners, Ely and Edna Berzan, are unparalleled in their Creativity and variety of their personal experiences which influence every phase of your Israel travel program.