Abu Hassan

Renowned hummus joint famous since 1966. Definitely try the Masabacha, the warm, creamy, chunky style of hummus. Make sure to visit the original shop at this location for the freshest hummus and the chance to eat with the locals.


Naifa Mola’s new restaurant brings the northern Druze settlement to Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv.

Malka by Eyal Shani (Kosher)

Located near the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Malka has all the deliciousness of his other restaurants. Be sure to check out their schnitzel and a great selection of fish dishes.


Following the trend of having a set menu, the Burek, by Barak Yehezkeli encompasses good food, music, and overall vibes. With a menu that changes each week, and without any say in your order, it really is quite an experience. That being said, this can be compared to a dinner show, where it’s expected to stay seated for the entire “performance” brought to you by the chefs and in house DJ. Reservations are the only way you’ll get in – and make sure to book well in advance, as the restaurant is only open two days a week.


The bar with the best food or the restaurant with the hottest bar, since Shila was established ten years ago it became a Gastronomic home for people that like to eat and have fun. Sharon Cohen, the chef, manages his kitchen with laughter and humor behind the flame, seasoned with grace and serves with love.


The “It” restaurant at the moment with hard to get reservations. Dishes are carefully plated, and although fine dining, the Moroccan influence from the young chef keeps the flavors down to earth. Definitely order the 18 spices taboon frenna for a great photo op.


Tel Aviv’s first set-menu only restaurant. Two seatings each night for 19 people around a bar facing Raz Rahav’s extraordinarily detailed 9-course molecular-gastronomy-influenced meal. Reservations are a must and dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice.

West Side (Kosher)

Prestigious haute cuisine restaurant, offering you a quality wide-ranging seasonal menu under the stewardship Chef Omri Cohen. The restaurant is open to the sea, and has a wide balcony overlooking the stunning sunsets of Tel Aviv, and is designed as stated in the spirit of New York restaurants – large, spacious, comfortable and contemporary.


Located in historic Neve Tzedek, Popina’s young chef offers innovative dishes like shrimp burgers, beet and kohlrabi “pasta” and foie gras homemade ravioli. Opt for the tasting menu to savor a little of everything.


A superb dining experience with a warm atmosphere and good music. The “farm-to-table” menu, served from an open kitchen, features local, seasonal products.