Itzik HaGadol

A classic Israeli grill house where they place 15 salads and dips on the table before you even get a chance to choose your main dish. Meat is the centerpiece of the meal, but vegetarians can easily be satisfied from the abundant salads and pita that are included as a starter.


Vegans beware, this is not your haunt. Carnivores, start licking your lips. M25 is positioned 25 meters from their newcomer butcher shop called Meat Market, nestled amongst the historic market butchers. Selling only local cuts, you will find yourself sitting alongside the city’s top chefs coming to get their fix pre or post service. The menu is streamlined and focused on, well, Israel’s best meat.

Goshen (Kosher)

Informal kosher eatery with a global menu highlighting meat dishes, fish & burgers.

The Old Man & The Sea

A restaurant in Jaffa portrayals a new Middle East – where Arabs, Jews and tourists from all around the world come together to enjoy fish, seafood, meat, plenty of salads and hot pitas fresh from the tabun. In the background you can hear different languages mingling together and an Arabic birthday song played, as one of the unique traditional customs of the place, while the waiters serve dessert with fireworks for guests celebrating.